Our Services

Data Centre Interconnect

Seamless, Secure, Reliable

Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) solutions allow different levels of connectivity between data centres to provide flexibility for application deployments. We ensure high-quality, secure, seamless, and reliable connectivity.  

Depending on your specific needs and distance requirements, we provide you with point-to-point, ROADM, or open-line data centre interconnect options.


Pan-India, Low Latency Connectivity Solutions

Looking for high consistency, high bandwidth connectivity for your critical locations?  

We are here to help you. Get rid of all the network downtime due to fiber cuts with our high performance MPLS supported Ethernet service. 

Facilitate the success of your business by expanding the scope of network. With our smartly constructed infrastructure, we provide a variety of special routes across the country.

We offer a rich feature set, competitive pricing, and industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to maximise your business needs.

Dedicated Internet Access

Build connections that are swift and secure

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solutions provides low-latency and nearly 100% uptime so that your business is always on connection.  

Through our self-service, zero touch provisioning portal, KRYPTON™, provision the desired bandwidth on your network.

The Benefits:

  • Cost-effective network  
  • Highly scalable as per your business requirements
  • Synchronous download and upload speeds
  • Exceptional performance with secure internet connectivity
  • Rapid activation with guaranteed bandwidth and enhanced resilience

Cloud Connect

Build connections that are swift and secure

Our multi-cloud connection services give you faster and more reliable connection on a dedicated, private connection. The network we provide ensures the capacity to connect and integrate various cloud computing services from cloud providers into a unified, well-integrated IT architecture. 

Avail our cloud solution services to link various cloud environments and on-premises infrastructure and shift workloads, data, and applications across many clouds as and when needed. Scale your operations today by exploring our cloud-connect solution on KRYPTON™

Private Lines

Dedicated, Reliable, Scalable

Our Private Line service allows us to address your intercity and intracity requirements through a high-quality bandwidth network. We guarantee dependability and safety by utilising a variety of conveyance routes and promptly restoring operations.

Through our self-service customer portal KRYPTON™, we are committed to supporting your present and future business growth requirements by offering: 

  • A streamlined ordering and quoting processes 
  • A wide range of speeds and services 
  • The convenience and control you require

Dark Fibre

Robust, Reliable, Secure

Our dark fibre solution provides a secure, robust and reliable optical infrastructure that enables our customers to manage capacity on their network and scale it as needed. It will enable –

  • P2P connectivity between DCs intercity and intracity 
  • Unlimited customisation with flexibility and control 

We ease the process by offering managed DWDM solutions for specific dark fibre segments when required. For critical network connections, we provide a high level of redundancy.

Our Services 

  • Secure dark fiber infrastructure 
  • Enhanced by 24/7 service management  
  • Maintenance expertise for your optical transmission equipment

Our Benefits 

  • Future Expansion
  • Backup and Redundancy
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Monetizable Asset