We Listen, We Customise, We Deliver

What We Do

We specialise in delivering top-tier Digital Telecom Infrastructure Solutions within the B2B sector. Our approach is distinct, offering an integrated digital experience built upon our state-of-the-art Pan-India high-speed network.  

Taking the unique perspective of our customers and the dynamic requirements of the future into account, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that ensure a seamless digital experience for all our clients.  

Ease of Business

We are inspired to simplify your business. 

Our unique service offering provides Bandwidth-on-demand Services (BoD) for your real-time bandwidth requirements with KRYPTONTM . Through this intuitive platform, we provide a range of unique service offerings on a daily or monthly basis. 

  • BoD Service for quick activation to access, configuration, and monitor bandwidth requirements.   
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) – gives real-time control of provisioned bandwidth anytime, anywhere. 


Data Centre Interconnect

Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) solutions allow different levels of connectivity between data centres to provide flexibility for application deployments.


Facilitate the success of your business by expanding the scope of network with our smartly constructed infrastructure.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solutions provide low latency and nearly 100% uptime, so that your business is always connected.

Cloud Connect

Our Multi-cloud Services give you faster and more reliable connections on a dedicated, private network.

Private Lines

Our Private Line Service allows us to address your intercity and intracity requirements through a high-quality bandwidth network.

Dark Fibre

Our Dark Fibre Solution provides a secure, robust, and reliable optical infrastructure, enabling our customers to manage and scale their network capacity.

Connecting Digital India

Extend your digital connectivity with our nationwide coverage, encompassing pan-India National Long Distance (NLD) networking services, accessible via our expansive metro network across T1-T2 cities and Submarine connectivity to tap global markets. 

In The News

With digital revolution, Telecom industry is exploring new ways of doing business to remain competitive and enhance Customer experience.

At Constl, we took a leap and unveiled a prototype for India’s first digital connectivity infrastructure platform. It’s a step towards providing a seamless Customer journey for connectivity services, transforming the way enterprises will consume B2B telecom services in the digital era.

Constl showcased end-to-end order to cash journey with automated provisioning through a platform that gives power in hands of the Customer to self-provision and avail on-demand connectivity solutions.

Our CEO, Mr. M P Sunil Kumar also shared his views on monetizing Network as a Service at the panel discussion & Constl’s role in this transformation journey.