With KRYPTONTM, we offer you DIaaSTM ( Digital Infrastructure as a Service) platform that is committed to deliver high-capacity, low latency connectivity with unmatched customer experience. Order your services from our comprehensive catalogue by leveraging our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and connecting with our system seamlessly. All the information, updates, service performance, KPIs, and service diagnosis will be available, providing endless visibility and control of your network. 

What we would deliver via KryptonTM

Self Service 360°

Comprehensive Product Catalogue

Bandwidth On Demand

Auto Provision & Auto Diagnostics

Visibility & Control

Never Seen Before Experience

Key features of KryptonTM

Powered by ITIL Backend Modules

Enabled by TMForum Certified Open REST APIs

360° Secure Platform

Scalable & Distributed Architecture

Endless Availability

Use Cases with Digital,
AI and ML